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In almost 40 years in the publishing world I've written everything from news, general interest features, sport fishing, tourism and travel articles. As publisher/editor of Island Angler for the past 27 years I have constantly practiced my craft. Freelance assignments have made me a news writer and a feature article contributor to a variety of publications (daily newspapers, weekly urban papers, weekly community, arts and entertainment, and special interest magazines, etc). I have also written publicity, press releases, and advertising promotional materials.

Below are links to a few examples of my  writing.

1. News Story On Line:, February 1, 2011. Taxi drivers on Costa Rica's south Caribbean coast protest poor road conditions with a road blockade. Go to Article
2. News Story On Line: , Aug 20, 2010  about Canadian Politics

In Nanaimo the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Michael Ignatieff kicked off the British Columbia leg of his national pre-election tour.

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3. Fishing Story A trout fishing story that offers: Lessons from the Lake. Go to Article
4. Feature Article A general interest feature exploring the strange world of Dowsers, Diviners and Water Witches. Published in Acreage Life Magazine, June 2005 and Back Home Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007. Go to Article


5. Construction Industry Feature: Classic Architectural Detailing Mouldings and decorative trims  made of glass reinforced gypsum and cement, PVC and EPS foam and other new materials make classic architectural details easy to install. Published in The Trowel, June 2008. Go to Article
6. Personal Story A memoir on  the process of becoming a writer: Career Choices. Go to Article
7. News Story An on-going conflict between sports fishers and First Nations results in legal action. Go to Article
8. On Line Travel Feature: and Go World Travel.comOn-Line Magazines Off the Beaten Path Chasing Snakes: Northwestern Nevada’s Wild Lands  Rattlers, gopher snakes and lizards abound in Nevada ’s wind-swept backcountry. Go to Article
9. On-ine Travel Feature: Go World Travel On-Line Magazine Emerald City Culture: Seattle's Lively Arts Scene. A general interest tourism feature: Visit Seattle, the New Renaissance City. Go to Article
10. Travel Feature: Nanaimo - West Coast Party Town Since its pioneer coal mining days this Vancouver Island community of 85,000 has partied hard.  Published in The Citizen Guide, May 2005. Go To Article
11. Travel Feature: Legends of Krakow Poland's Royal Capital is rich in history and legends of magic rings, fierce dragons and bold knights. Published in The Beacon of Washington DC, April 2006. Go To Article
12. Recent Short Travel Articles About Costa Rica and Peru on Web Magazines and Blogs Coffee Rica, Costa Rica's Unique liquer Performing Street Vendors Tacu Tacu: Peru's Everyday Treat Peruvian Carnival Fun
13.  Magic and Witchcraft at Chiclayo, Peru

Magic has a long history at Peru's second largest city. Sorcery goes back to the ancient Sican people whose leaders used magic to control the population. This short feature article was published on several travel webzines.

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14.  Cambodian Beer Debate: Angkor or Anchor A look at Cambodia's favorite brand of beer - presented in The Brew Rambler Go To Article
15. Fishing Article On Line: Fishing Trips dot net, March 7, 2014. Costa Rica - A Fisherman's Paradise with 1,000 miles of coast, rivers and lakes and any type of fishing experience you want. Go To Article
16. Feature Article On Line:, February 7, 2011. Kayak fishing on Costa Rica's Pacific coast near the mouth of the crocodile infested Rio Tarcoles. Go To Article
17.  Cambodian Beach Resort: Sihnaoukville Sihanoukville (also called Kampong Som) is named after Cambodia's late beloved king, Norodom Sihanouk. It was built up from a fishing village into a port city in the 1950s.  (Article published on BEACH DESTINATION NEWS) Go To Article
18.  Rules for Living in Harmony, published by The Journal of Epistemology, Vol 3, #1, November 2013

An article that explores the seldom noticed yet everyday negotiations and conflicts that are defined by the study of  proxemics.

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19. Recent Short Travel Articles About Cambodia and Thailand  on Web Magazines and Blogs,40198/,28659/



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