Find your prawn hole (and kept it to yourself)

 by Dale Peng

If you have fished for prawns for some time you may find that one day the catch is great and the next only a few prawns are coming out of same location. You may wonder why there is such a big change.

When we are talking about a hot spot for prawning, we often refer to a prawning area as small as a few hundred feed long or as big as  a few miles long. However, prawns down there are not evenly spread  out. There are prawn holes that would produce a few hundred prawns  in a few hours and other spots you have to put in a good day in order  to catch a hundred.

First you must find and land your trap right onto the prawn hole.  This demands a bit of skill and knowledge of tides, currents and winds  as well as developing a sense of timing. The rule of thumb is once you have located your own prawn holes, keep them to yourself or you will be over-run by other prawn fishers.                                   Good luck, good fishing.

Featured recipe:  Prawns in butter garlic sauce


bullet 2 pounds of fresh prawns, heads off.
bullet   Half lb. of butter.
bullet   Half head of fresh garlic.
bullet   peeled and mashed.
bullet   Half tablespoon slt.
bullet   One spoon lime juice.
bullet   Some corn starch with water.


Melt the butter in a pan. Add the garlic, salt, sugar and lime juice to the pan, stirring all the time. Introduce the starch, still stirring the mixture, add more starch. Add water if too thick. Put the prawns into the pan, letting them simmer for 2 or 3 minutes until they form a  shape. That's when they're ready to serve and enjoy.

Provided by  Black Magic Prawn Traps, Crofton.



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