PEETZ reintroduces the legendary Hookum spoon

Most fishermen in the Pacific Northwest are familiar with the name PEETZ and the legendary wood and metal direct wind fishing reels that the company has been manufacturing for more than 90 years. However, many people may not be aware that the founder, Boris Cecil Peetz, as well his children Ivan and Judy Peetz, were prolific inventors and created a number of other innovative products for West Coast fishing … from the now common “quick release” slip weight to a folding one-piece fishing rod!
One of the more successful products developed was the PEETZ “Hookum” spoon, a unique and beautifully designed trolling lure that acted more like a plug than a spoon. Created by Boris PEETZ in the 1930s, the Hookum spoon originally came in polished brass or German silver (a colourless form of brass) and featured a swivel connector extending from one side of the spoon, rather from its end like a traditional spoon. This configuration forces the spoon to travel through the water in a diving, “nose down” position which creates a behaviour somewhere between a spoon and a plug lure.
At 2.5 to 3 knots trolling speed, the Hookum spoon darts left and right erratically and does occasional 360 degree spins. This unpredictable action is irresistible to most species of sport fish on the West Coast, which made the lure an instant hit.
Recognized as a top performer, a selection of Hookum spoons could be found in every serious salmon and halibut fisherman’s tackle box for more than four decades. The spoons were also used successfully by fresh water fishermen trolling on Canada’s Great Lakes. For reasons that are not known, the Hookum spoon disappeared from PEETZ offerings during the 1970s and the lure faded into obscurity - although it remains desirable with tackle collectors to this day.
In June 2016 the new owners of PEETZ Outdoors, who were also long time Hookum fans, reintroduced this legendary lure with some exciting updates. Each 3.5” spoon is individually pressed and hand polished at PEETZ workshop in Victoria, using top quality, solid brass that is then nickel coated. They are now also finished using a wide array of heavy duty UV and Glo-rich Mylar colour combinations with eye-popping prismatic, holographic and iridescent patterns that are likely to attract fishermen as much as fish!
PEETZ says that initial testing with both hobby and charter fishermen has been encouraging, with the new Hookum lures providing great performance at all depths. Interestingly, it appears that the UV and Glo colour combinations have even enabled these lures to perform in deep, low light waters where traditional spoons can be less effective (spoon lures typically rely on sunlight reflection as an important aspect of their fish attraction).
The Hookum spoon can be trolled alone, or in conjunction with an in-line flasher or dummy flasher (a flasher that is dragged on a separate lead below the lure, typically just above the cannon ball). If you are using a flasher in line with the lure, PEETZ suggests using its smaller 7” stainless steel Stryke Zone flasher in matching colour combinations, as these flashers offer very low drag resistance and an improved fish fighting experience.
PEETZ handcrafted Hookum spoons retail individually for approximately $14 and are also available in discounted multi-colour bundle packs.
For more information you can visit the folks at PEETZ at their workshop at 2740 Rock Bay Ave., Victoria, or call toll free at 800-883-0221. Hookum spoons are also available online at


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