Halibut Tips
from Tyee Marine, Campbell River
We hope that some of these ideas regarding halibut lures, bait, and new products will be of use to you!!
Frozen bait
Many halibut fishermen use fresh or frozen bait. Typically herring, octopus, and squid are the most commonly used. In most cases, halibut will smell your bait before they see it. With this in mind, try using a scent attractant that you will inject directly into the bait. These attractants can be injected using either a needle or a worm blower. 
Artificial Baits
Many artificial baits are available for halibut. Some include; Grubbs, Scampi’s, “Berkley” Power Bait, “Gulp” Giant Squids, and “Hooked On Tackle” Lazer Squids. Many of these baits come pre-scented, but for those that don’t, you should be using a scent attractant of some kind. Using a “Curley Skirt” between the jig head and the bait is also a great attractant.
There is a large variety of jigs on the market but some are more specific to halibut and bottom fish. Delta Tackle makes a large variety of jigs that weigh up to 25 oz. Skirted Magic Finish Spinnows are a fabulous locally made jig. Gibbs “Mudrakers” are one of the best on the market as they have a built-in scent chamber that you can inject attractants right into. Using giant hootchies with a Radiant Gun Barrel (bait chamber insert), is also a great way to fish. The Gun Barrel is like a sponge that is inserted inside the hootchy, you simply add an attractant to the sponge and it will last for hours. 

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