Ode to a Steely

by Terry Mullaney

Here's to the Steely,

who took my favourite lure,

I'll get her some day, and that's for sure!

To be on the river, in the middle of December,

It's a wonderful feeling, as I do remember.


To fight the noble fish, all silver and bright.

To have her on my hook,

I would dance with delight.

To fight a wild Steely, it's a great thrill

To catch and release her, so she will be there still.



Here's to the Steely, the best fish around.

There's nothing better, on the

outskirts of town.

To have her too on a long run,

To me, that is the best of fun.


Here's to the fish, with the

greatest worth.

Ode to a Steely, the best fish on Earth.




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