Worried Over Resource Management (WORMS): On Fishing the Future & Running Out

Many anglers, both in the salt and freshwater, have found they have to travel further afield to find good fishing. The Department of fisheries, in its wisdom, has co-operated with these trends. They have closed up many of the angling opportunities close to home. While there are a few lights in the tunnel, most prospects are dim for the future!

Anglers continue to buy and equip larger boats with more complicated and more sophisticated tackle and some even risk their lives to get to far-away waters that are more productive. Which brings us to this month's story...

We are running out. While anglers are running further afield our world is running out. It is now predicted that by the year 2040 the world will be completely out of oil. But far sooner than that the price of oil based-products, that anglers use, will be beyond the reach of all but the wealthy.

Just think of a large airliner that burns one gallon of fuel per second. It takes 5,500 gallons to fly to London and back. There are 5,600 large airliners operating every day and in 1996 one billion people flew in them.

There are no more North Sea or North Alaska Slopes being discovered so it is estimated that by 2005 the price of a barrel of oil will double and by 2011 the peak of oil production will be reached and begin to drop.

 So anglers of the future should look closer to home for fishing opportunities. You won't be able to afford that fuel-guzzling offshore fishing cruiser or that SUV to get you to remote freshwater opportunities.

We old WORMS have all noticed the steady increase in fuel costs at the pump and in natural gas which was supposed to be the fuel of the future. But the public wasn't told that if Vancouver had a cold snap this winter two mills in northern B.C. would have to close to keep the heaters supplied in the south!

So anglers are advised to restore that old rowboat, canoe or better yet invest in one of those belly boats which recently have become a real neat way to relax and enjoy angling opportunities close to home.

                                                 The Chief Nightcrawler




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