(Worried Over Resource Management) WORMS: On Silly City

We WORMS have been watching the recent B.C. election in which nearly every seat in provincial parliament will be held by one group. Certainly the previous group could not do the job of governing the province.

These new MPs will journey to Victoria from all parts of the province; if there was ever a silly city this is it. The city of Prince George for example encompasses at least two Greater Victoria's and has one city council, one police department and one administration. Victoria has 12 or 13 different municipal governments. Each of these is costing taxpayers needless expense. The first order of business for the new MPs should be to make Victoria a true Capital City of our province. Victoria (the Capital of Sewage Dumping can't even organize a decent water system in the middle of a rain forest area. Is it any wonder that a government based in such a bizarre administrative area doesn't function, which brings up this month's story...

It is no wonder that B.C.'s fisheries are in such disarray, when they are organized and run from Silly City. Silly City has 12 or more different administrations, this model repeats itself in the organization of the province's fisheries. There are literally dozens of different factions participating in our fisheries. Some of them from as far away as Ottawa. As ell as different government groups working in opposite directions, both commercial and sport fishing are even more fractured than Silly City. Then e have Native fisheries, as well, trying to function as they did a hundred years ago.

All we WORMS heard about during this recent election was health care and education debates; these areas also are clearly in disarray.

One thing is certain, any new government should get the house they operate from in order before any sort of repair is attempted to the many disasters we have in B.C.

Cleaning up the sewer and water problems would be a good start as both the fisheries and health would improve in the Capital City area. Just as an example of the bedlam that exists in Silly City, View Royal will be opening a new casino and being that the township is one of the smallest in Greater Victoria they will get 60% of $3,000,000. a year. Where are politicians heads? Wouldn't it be wiser to use this money to fix the city's water system (with the Water Board's offices less than a block from the casino), and to put a full-time hatchery in the Sooke River as proposed by many outdoor advocates?

Gamblers would feel a lot better if they knew their last dollar was going towards fresh, clean water and fresh fish!

                                              The Chief Nightcrawler


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